How are you surviving the heat

Are you Drinking and eating enough in this hot weather?

I thought I was doing well with the heat, drinking more, making sure I was not out in the heat at its hottest, lucky to be under fans or in the air con. Then I went for an ultra sound, you know the one where you have to drink litres of water before, so they can get a nice picture.It turns out that even with all this water my body was still dehydrated.

So what I thought was enough care, well wasn’t.
I had stopped taking care of myself, I was becoming use to the temperatures of the high 20s and 30s, so it made me think what extra things could I be doing?
I believed that when your lips were tacky or dry or sore then you needed to drink more water, but it turns out that one of the first signs of dehydration is when you are thirsty or maybe you have a headache,that the body’s way of telling you your brain tissue has lost lots of water and if your lips are dry or tacky then you are seriously dehydrated and it can take days to get you water levels up.
Remember our bodies are 80% water.
So cooling the body inside and out is a must.
If your urine is clear or light in color then thsts a good sign but if its darker yellow or amber and stays that way throughout the day you are dehydrated, when the body is short on liquid it will try to hold on to what it has and that causes problems.
When you sweat you lose a lot of liquid as well as salts, did you know that in 40 degree plus heat you can lose a litre of water in an hour just while you are sitting peacefully watching tv or reading.So headaches, extreme sweating, tiredness, dizziness and feeling restless are all signs that the body is asking you for HELP.
So here are some tips:
*Put a cold cloth on back of neck and on your wrists

*Running your wrist under cold water every time you wash your hands

*Have a cold  bath [this is great for you and the children]

*Have a shower let the water fall all over you, imagine that it is cooling you on the inside as well. Make sure you finish your shower on cold, especially if you have high blood pressure

*make sure you have a glass of water at least every half hour, make up a jug of water with lemon and / or lime in it as they both help to rid the body from toxins.

*If you are stressed or suffering from anxiety, it helps to have it written some where [have I eaten ][ drink water now] its important to have it some place where you can see it because we can get caught up in what we are doing and forget to do the simple things and in these extreme temperatures we can pass out.

*Take note of how much you are sweating, you may need to take electrolytes, especially if you are going through menopause its important to replace salts.
*ON the next cooler day keep drinking water and eating and remember to moisturize the skin it needs loving too.

Listening to your body is the best way to get through the really hot days, pay attention to the signs and take care of them when they are little and easy to manage.
Remember you are Love … Enjoy your day … Sharon