Graceful Light come about because sitting in light energy for me is gentle, peaceful, gives a sense of Grace and a feeling of oneness and sharing that is my passion.

Sharon Corrigan   Energy Healer,  Reiki Master and Angel Intuitive.

I found myself  at a cross roads not sure what to tackle next, when I was given a book about Energy healing, reading it made me feel complete, it felt like coming home after a long absence This lead me to learn about Light Energy and its mysteries..plus the wonderful world of Angels.

A few years back I got sick,causing me to evaluate my lifestyle and to look in to alternative possibilities, because one method alone was not working well for me, this taught me to trust and embrace what I was learning  for we are an Energetic being wrapped in a physical body and  combining  both Eastern culture medicine with Western means the whole body is working as one to find balance.  I understand the pressure of work and family life, finding balance, fear of change, managing stress and feeling lost. But I’m learning how Angels and Energy Healing can be used to help bring harmony, health and happiness. In my own life and want to share it with you. Working with others and being part of their Journey, whether its in my workshops or personally on a one to one bases is a privilege.

Namastè Beautiful Ones